Quartiers Rouges invite Live From Earth

  • Pigalle-Blanche comes alive as Quartiers Rouges and Live From Earth host a stellar lineup of German and French electronic artists, featuring music from MRD, DJ Gigola, MCR-T, Canelle Doublekick and more.
    Francis Vianne
  • Quartiers Rouges is back! After a stunning first edition with our beloved Maison Close, we are back with a big collab ! 24 Nov, Live From Earth will be heading to France for its first international tour, stopping by the parisian red neighborhood, Pigalle-Blanche, Paris. Quartiers Rouges and LFE present à huge line up with the best of German and French scene : MRD, Krampf b2b Bauernfeind, Dj Gigola, MCR-T, Cannelle DoubleKick, Legit Girl DJ et Alcatraz
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