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Enter The Dance

Fri, 5 Apr
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    OG Sophia O  sif.b  Joe ETD
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  • Enter The Dance brings its latest party to Peckham's Tola, featuring Do!! You!!! Radio resident OG and a lineup of top London diggers.
    Jonni Cobb
  • Born out of a passion for dancefloor experiences, Enter The Dance started life as a T-shirt and clothing brand with a strong emphasis and focus towards dance music and record digging culture. Its direction as an apparel brand was refined through the pandemic when social interaction and dancefloor get togethers were at an all time low, something the world suddenly realised it had been taking for granted all these years. Inspired by the momentary connections, the lifelong bonds, the endless search for new sounds, and the hedonistic dancefloors which host the spectacle - week in - week out, Enter The Dance stands for the peace and love which comes with the foundation sound of dance music. Where egos are left at the door and the room becomes one. For our first event of 2024, we proudly welcome Do!!You!!! Radio’s OG for a 2 hour set in the nice, intimate setting that is Tola. Do!!You!!! is a fully independent radio station with no sponsorship and front to back good vibes all day Monday to Friday. It’s become a staple at Enter The Dance HQ and I am very proud to welcome OG to show us how it’s done. You can catch him Tuesday to Friday on Do!!You!! from 9am. Support on the night also from: Sophia, sif.b, and Joe ETD. See you then x


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