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    Deaftapes Basch Boy Lucid Rose-Ebony Otilia Juice & Santi Lowe Iñakattak IJsbrand EKAS and Nicko Mroczkowski Dinas Soebre
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  • A collaboration between BA Sound Arts (Final Year) students and BA Music Production (Y1 & Y2) students from LCC BA Sound Arts Juice & Santi Lowe: A battle between cello and electronics Boy Lucid: DJ Set Rose-Ebony Otilia: improvisational performance involving abstract turntablism, SP-555 and rhythmic words deaftapes: Drone/noise set done using a DIY noise/drone box being ran through fx. Basch: Using a sampler for a rythmic noise/broken beat set, with projected visuals Iñakattak: Industrial down tempo set, with sampler and modular IJsbrand: Ambient, minimal techno experimental set with handharp and effect pedals EKAS and Nicko Mroczkowski: A "punk, sonic, Avantgarde happening" designed and embodied by EKAS and her system featuring Nicko Mroczkowski Dinas: no-input harsh noise, looper pedal involved Soebre: industrial hip hop BA Music Production Hoji Chrissie Francesco X Justin By Any Means Necessary Milly Comique Caleb Marshall Astrid Flynn Armstrong Drocco b2b Hugo Bogues (DJ Set)
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