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A platform to discover electronic music, artists and events.

RA was founded out of a passion for electronic music. Our platform, which started in 2001, helps people discover music, artists and events. Over the years RA has evolved and grown, but our ethos has remained the same. As an independent company staffed entirely by dance music lovers, we're dedicated to shining light on the passionate people and communities around the world that make electronic music tick.

We believe that local scenes are at electronic music's core. It's in these communities where DJs get their first gigs, where promoters throw their first parties. It's where like-minded people with a shared passion for electronic music connect and collaborate, forging new ideas, sounds, stories and friendships.

Dance floors are incredible places. They bring people together for moments of shared joy and inspiration. They provide safe spaces for the people who need them. There is immense power in the positivity and creativity of electronic music.


RA exists to champion electronic music culture.


RA’s mission is to bring together the world's electronic music communities.


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At RA's core is an editorial platform. It's our aim to cover the scene with both accuracy and warmth, shining light on the best electronic artists, events and communities around the world through a blend of news, features, reviews, films and podcasts. We work with a global team of writers and contributors who represent their local scenes on RA with depth and nuance. Our multimedia journalism captures the voices, faces and stories of the past, present and future of electronic music, creating an archive of cultural value not only for current readers but future generations.

You can read our editorial integrity guidelines here.


RA Tickets is the only ticketing platform built solely for the electronic music community. Working closely with many of the world's best parties, we help promoters across 50 countries connect with a passionate, tuned-in, global community of millions of music lovers every month. We provide promoters with the tools, products and technology needed to run successful events, as well as offering dedicated customer service. We are committed to building a fair system for promoters and genuine music lovers that prevents touting and benefits the people who keep local scenes thriving.

RA is the world's best discovery platform for electronic music events. Whether you're in your home town or visiting a new city, RA's listings help you find the best parties. Combining curated local RA Picks and personalised recommendations, we ensure millions of music lovers find the best possible experiences at clubs, festivals and spaces in hundreds of cities each and every week.


RA's contributor network participates in local communities around the world, ensuring we support and represent local scenes in a genuine way. Our country and city managers are actively involved in the communities they represent. They strive to help local artists, promoters and other members of the community get the most from RA, taking on ideas and feedback for how we can improve.


RA In Real Life takes the wide-reaching approach of our editorial team and applies it to the real world, throwing parties in the world's best clubs, curating stages at some of the world's best festivals and programming live discussions, film screenings and workshops. RA In Real Life creates a space for our community to connect with us and each other through music, conversation, education, fun and music discovery.


We are committed to supporting the fairer distribution of equity in the electronic music scene. How we do this spans the breadth of our company values, internal operations & culture and the content we produce and feature on the site. As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, RA is dedicated to providing our readers with updates on our improvements relating to diversity, equity and inclusion.


As part of our ongoing commitment to better understand and address the climate emergency, we as a company have prioritised a more sustainable future. Our environmental and sustainability strategy is now, and will continue to be, a critical part of the company's mission. Working to the framework provided by UN SDG goals and B-Impact assessment, we are implementing company-wide policies through our staff, offices and travel. In 2021, we aim to deliver environmental goals through sustainable initiatives that cover the breadth of our work.


The world of electronic music is shaped not only by artists and fans, but by thousands of small businesses, from clubs to booking agents to publishers and promoters. Many are founded by passionate people with the goal of making a meaningful contribution to electronic music. It is this network on which the vitality of the scene depends. Doors Open is a platform created by RA for people to connect with the companies and projects they believe in, and for independent music companies to find the staff they need.