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  • EX.708 CC:DISCO!

    "I discovered how to build sound systems at our dairy farm." The DJ talks about growing up in rural Australia, starting a label and more in this Playing Favourites live from Pitch Music & Arts.
  • 2024
  • ̸April 2024

    • EX.707 Gabber Eleganza

      "It's a pure form of love." The hardcore artist talks about collecting ephemera from rave zines, working in high fashion and his love for the gabber community.

    ̸March 2024

    • EX.706 Julia Holter

      "The Beatles blew my mind." The LA artist talks about her new album—Something in the Room She Moves—writing music while pregnant and how she works in the studio.
    • EX.705 horsegiirL

      "Humans think they're top of the hierarchy." The Live From Earth member talks about growing up in Sunshine Farms, the perils of competition in the music industry and how TikTok changed her career.
    • EX.704 Mary Anne Hobbs

      "You could feel the ground shifting beneath you." The long-time BBC Radio host talks about her All Queens party, her love for SHERELLE and music as a force for good.
    • EX.703 Ciel

      "Every opportunity to learn something new is what's going to grow your craft as an artist." The Toronto star talks discipline and gaining self-confidence as a producer.

    ̸February 2024

    • EX.702 Ben Frost

      The composer discusses movie scoring, his love of opera and his new album, Scope Neglect, on Mute Records.
    • EX.701 Daniel Avery

      "The road is incredible but has a lot of pitfalls." The fabric resident discusses striking the balance between DJing and production, the challenges of life on tour and choosing to stick out.
    • EX.700 Detroit's Blueprint: Episode 1

      Our landmark 700th episode in partnership with Detroit’s Blueprint presents the first in a new three-part series exploring the untold history of Detroit techno from the perspective of the women who built it.
    • EX.699 Phase Fatale

      The Berghain resident talks about re-queering the goth scene, exploring a lighter side of his sound and preparing for marathon closing sets.
    • EX.698 Ron Trent

      "Art and music are the same, they're just different dialects." The Chicago house legend talks about co-curating the photo exhibit Walk The Night and nightlife's '90s heyday.

    ̸January 2024

    • EX.696 Annie Nightingale

      In this re-run from 2020, the late DJ and radio host reflects on memories from BBC Radio 1, disrupting the patriarchy and the keys to success in broadcasting.
    • EX.694 Crystallmess

      "I didn't see myself in French electronic music." Live from C2C Festival, the Parisian artist talks about representation, Southern rap and Notting Hill Carnival's enduring influence on her music.