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  • BETWEEN REMINISCENCES OF OUR YOUTH AND RHYTHMS OF FUTURE. Mama told ya is a new label focused on sharing and collaboration as a creative engine. Founded by Anetha, the label is designed as a platform for research, experimentation and new mixtures. The ambition: to get each artist out of his comfort zone, including Anetha. In this new ring, it is necessary to redefine the limits, to confront the universes and methods of each artist, in order to give birth to a new medium, full of diversity, imbued with the essence of each participant. Sharing as a desire of conviviality. No remix, no fame. Mama told ya exclusively promotes alternative artists who are ready to collaborate, to challenge each other, and to dare. The rule: two artists, one side each. A track to express itself freely and individually - and a track to exchange weapons, and share with Anetha, for a short-lived connection. At the end of it all, an unprecedented and unique sound object. Free and assuredly uninhibited, the label reserves the right to evolve where it wants, following its desires and encounters. It is not afraid to live with its time, and to project itself into an unknown future. Each release comes with its own story, rhythm and microcosm. The collaborative spirit is reflected and animates the graphic part of the label as well. Each cover uses a different artist, who brings his universe, his vision to the project. Loving new technologies and new art forms, they give life to contrasting artworks, floating between the reminiscences of our youth and the future, like precious caskets projecting the child we all have been into tomorrow's world. Stored (un)consciously in our memories, the advice and warnings given to us by our parents as children resonate. We often follow them rigorously, we sometimes challenge them. But in any case, they allow us to be the person we have become.