Tbilisi club TES launches electronic music academy

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    Thu, Mar 28, 2024, 16:00
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  • Artists such as Generali Minerali, Ika and Bekuchi will hosts classes in DJing, production and more.
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  • Tbilisi's TES Club has launched an electronic music academy. Open now, Sync Music Academy offers courses in DJing, music production, modular composition, live performance methods and post-production. Held in the venue, the classes are hosted by residents and local artists such as Ika, Generali Minerali and Bekuchi. Courses in DJing have already started and provide students with the opportunity to play directly from the club's DJ booth. There will also be a series of free evening workshops hosted by local and international artists. These will be livestreamed by Drama Radio and uploaded to the TES Club YouTube channel. A Sync Music Academy spokesperson said there are additional plans to introduce courses in lighting, VJing and label management. "We're trying to develop the industry in the right direction," they added. Browse instagram for more information.
    Photo: Eric Lemon