Playtime Engineering to release MPC-inspired instrument for kids

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  • The company previously released a line of child-friendly synthesizers.
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  • A new children's electronic instrument is on the way from Playtime Engineering. According to TechChrunch, myTRACKS is an MPC-inspired instrument that includes a drum machine, audio sampler, sequencer and sound lab. It also features two effects processors, five tracks, 25 pads and over 50 percussive instrument sounds. Musicians are also encouraged to play around with the device using its MIDI output to link with their other gear as well as a stereo audio output and a USB-C to add more tracks. The unit can also layer, record and save songs. "These are real musical instruments," co-founder Kate Sheets told TechCrunch. "Not just ones that look like a [toy] guitar that you press a button and it plays the same sound every time. It really does engage adults the same way that it engages kids." Playtime Engineering originally released Blipbox as a line of kid-friendly synthesizers. With the addition of myTRACKS, the brand plans to expand so that children can further explore beatmaking and music production. A Kickstarter campaign for myTRACKS will begin on April 9th with the products expected to release in November. Check out a clip of how it works below.