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    Mar 31, 2024
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  • Latin club meets tech house with one of Miami's hottest exports.
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  • Most underground movements in the arts can be boiled down to one key ingredient: friends doing dope shit together. Childhood BFFs Luca Medici and Delbert Perez have been doing just that with INVT (that's "innovate"), a multidisciplinary art project that spans club music and streetwear. Before exploding onto the international stage and playing to massive crowds in Ibiza and Tulum, the Miami natives built a solid community at home through electrifying DJ sets, releases and fashion. They might be globe-trotting artists now, going back-to-back with the likes of Skream and playing Panorama Bar, but their raw DIY spirit stays strong. Their tunes and live hardware shows fuse jungle, techno, East Coast club and dubstep—and lately, tech house and tribal house—with bass-heavy Latin genres like cumbia and guaracha. A reflection of Miami's diverse demographics, their genre cross-pollinations bring together skaters, dancers, artists and various subcultures. Their clothing line is equally cross-cultural: repurposed vintage items made from screen printing and acid washing, using photos and designs that represent their home city's vibrant street culture. True to their grassroots ethos, everything's done in-house, from mixing and mastering tracks to embroidery. The next-gen duo's ultra-rhythmic productions, characterised by deep, swinging drums and trippy textures, is delivered to the world at a rapid-fire pace, testament to Medici and Perez's seemingly insatiable hunger. Their explosive career has helped bring fresh shine to Miami talents who feature heavily in their sets, including this RA Podcast. Featuring DJ Babatr, Coffintexts and plenty of their own unreleased heaters, INVT's mix represents their friendships, community and Miami's thrilling melting pot of dance music that they're still a core part of even as they move across the globe. What have you been up to recently? We've been finishing up a lot of music and travelling a bunch for shows. Also been spending time with friends and family. We're currently on a three-week tour in Europe. How and where was the mix recorded? And can you tell us the idea behind it? It was recorded in LA at Pirate Studios. We wanted to showcase some new music from us and friends. We've been really inspired by playing sets within the 128 to 133 BPM range. We kept this mix very focused genre-wise, weaving through tribal house and percussive bass music. What's one club or party that had a major impact on you as an artist? The first party that comes to mind was the Black Friday Rave we played in Miami at the legendary 229 warehouse back in 2018. It was a really special time in Miami where the newer generation of organisers and artists of all mediums came together to throw a real Miami underground party. Shout out to Sister System, True Vine, Bort, Jonny From Space and the rest of the homies for putting that together. We feel that this party sparked a lot of interest and freshness within the scene that built the foundation for where Miami's underground is right now. You have an incredibly prolific pace of production, tour frequently and consistently use new hardware in live shows. Are you concerned about burning out? Thank you. We really enjoy our work, but we definitely experience moments of burnout. We try our best to maintain a balanced lifestyle, which really helps. Eating healthy, exercising and spending quality time with friends and family always gives us that boost to keep goin' hard. Your productions bring together various forms of UK bass music and Latin styles. Do you think you'll ever try a new combination of genres? Lately we've been experimenting a lot with tech house and tribal house, infusing it with other styles we like such as UK garage and guaracha. UK and Latin styles will always be infused into our music somehow. We're always experimenting and developing new fusions of our favourite styles at a given moment. In addition to music, you also run a streetwear line of vintage clothing repurposed through screen-printing, embroidery, acid washing and other techniques. How do you come up with the designs? All our designs are drawn, photographed and edited by us. The same way that we mix, master and produce all our music. Aside from collabs, nobody touches our art or music except us—we're very proud of that. We tend to always lean into our roots when making art, whether it be music or design. Naturally, our designs revolve around sound system culture and sexy, tropical Miami imagery. What's one social or political cause you want the world to pay more attention to? Save the children. Kids don't need to be involved in wars or conflicts. All world leaders must prioritise getting as many kids and families as possible out of these terrible situations. Whether it be in Palestine, Ukraine, Burma, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Syria or anywhere else that's experiencing extremely violent political conflicts. Also homelessness and school shootings in America need to be addressed and resolved. It doesn't seem like we are advancing with these issues. What are you looking forward to in the near future? We've got a lot of new music coming out. Including our first vinyl release ever, which is a collab EP with Introspekt coming out on the amazing Bristol-based label ec2a. We're also going back-to-back with Skee Mask in Berlin this April which we're super stoked about. Got some exciting shows we're very excited to announce as well!
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