TTAM RENAT - On The Inner Plains

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  • Mood Hut are a humble Vancouver collective that are beginning to make inroads elsewhere—their artists are releasing on labels from London to DC—but their most promising material has been on their own label. After solid 12-inches from Cloudface and Aquarian Foundation, TTAM RENAT steps up with more dazed analogue business. The Mood Hut ethos owes something to both classic house and disco. Its tracks are often drowsy, as if recorded onto an almost dead cassette. Bearing that in mind, the A-side's massive ten-minute slab, "Messages," is as Mood Hut as it gets. The kick drum stakes out the centre point, as hi-hats and snares wobble woozily around it, and new age-y animal noises coo and chirp. It's tongue-in-cheek, druggy as hell and perfectly hypnotic, its weirdness compounded by a three-minute dub version of sorts. "Thurian Retrograde" is the nighttime party jam to the A-side's stoned afternoon, packed to the brim with percussion that feels like a cloud of buzzing locusts. Drifting even deeper into somnolence, "Merging" closes out the EP with a long yawn—think Jus-Ed without the trackiness. Its fathom-deep kick drum floats in and out, with supple bongos knocking out a rhythm into the void. Earthy and satisfying, On The Inner Plains is the label's most distinctive release yet.
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      A1 Messages A2 Messages (Perspective) B1 Thurian Retrograde B2 Merging (Hut Mix)