Leon Vynehall - Music For The Uninvited

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  • By starting his first EP of 2014—and his second for Martyn's 3024 label—with a beatless, synth-and-strings mini-symphony, Leon Vynehall shows he doesn't lack confidence. But such is the fragile, emotionally wrought beauty of "Inside The Deku Tree," it's entirely justified. Over Music For The Uninvited's remaining 36 minutes and six tracks, the Brighton producer provides compelling evidence that he's in the ascendancy Vynehall says the hip-hop and funk tapes his mum played in the car, particularly the compressed feel of the format, inspired the EP, evident in the woozy, granulated sound that envelops it. The Legend Of Zelda-inspired "Inside The Deku Tree"—which threatens to blossom into life but tantalizingly doesn't—segues into the skipping, mournful house of "Goodthing." The muted strings, dubby synths and restrained percussion of "Be Brave, Clench Fists" is reminiscent of Pépé Bradock's "Deep Burnt"—it's certainly as grand and opulent. The purest dance floor moment is the throbbing neo-garage of "Piers Children," its hammered chords stuttering like a stuck CD, while "It's Just (House of Dupree)" pivots celestial synth trills and a jutting vocal snippet around a low-key, jacking groove. The title of "Christ Air" is surely not coincidental, its rich, lounging bassline sounding like a Moon Safari refugee. The sun sets on the EP with "St. Sinclair," a swooning, analogue-soaked downtempo track. In Music For The Uninvited, Vynehall has created one of the most eclectic and rewarding house records you'll hear all year.
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      A1 Inside The Deku Tree A2 Goodthing B1 Be Brave, Clench Fists B2 Pier Children C It’s Just (House Of Dupree) D1 Christ Air D2 St Sinclair