Cloudface - Super You

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  • Back in 2013, David Reynolds produced Mood Hut's first 12-inch, Devonian Garden. With its scuffed melodies and ramshackle percussion, it contained the elements that would later define the Vancouver scene. Reynolds' second Mood Hut EP treads the same ground as his first, but given how well those early records have held up, it's a pleasure to have him back. If anything, Super You is even more chilled than Devonian Garden. Drums are little more than a light rustle, leaving centre stage for robust bass wiggles and liquid keys. "W W I" is particularly winning, its broad bassline and bouncing toms lit by dazzling synth tones. These crystal melodies are smeared atop the gentle "Baby J" and left to echo unaccompanied on the beatless sketch "J P," which is tinged with the melancholy of summer's end. Even on more muscular tracks, like "II," there's a meandering quality, which comes from Reynolds' distinctive light touch.
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      A1 II A2 Ee N Oh A3 J P B1 W W I B2 Baby J