Local Artist - MH020

  • Breezy Vancouver house from one of the sound's originators.
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  • Even if he's not Mood Hut's most recognizable name, Ian Wyatt has always been an integral part of the crew. He's a cofounder who was instrumental in developing Vancouver's chilled, dubbed-out house sound with his records and mixes. After two years of inactivity, Wyatt returns with his long-awaited Local Artist debut on Mood Hut, following an ambient EP as Slow Riffs in 2015. The two tracks on MH020 sound like they could've come from that same year, a bumper crop of laidback, groovy house with basslines for days. "Dancer" holds disco and dub in perfect suspension. It rides a walking bassline—think Jack J's landmark "Looking Forward To You"—under a repeating chord and the occasional wispy synth line slathered in delay. Like the best Mood Hut tracks, it's dazed and driving, the kind of thing you dance to on hot afternoons. "Dreamer" is made from the same stuff, but it's a little more rollicking thanks to dubbed-out drum fills, jabbing chords and funky vocal gasps. Both tracks sound like something that could have wafted out of the top-floor windows of the Mood Hut studio on Pender & Main any time in the last few years. This comforting and dreamy sound probably wouldn't exist without Ian Wyatt.
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      A Dancer B Dreamer