Eden Aurelius - Want 2

  • Detailed and delicate dub techno.
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  • When Purelink released Signs last year, it felt like a new high watermark for contemporary dub techno. There's never been a shortage of warm, undulating pads over patiently pulsing drums at any time since Basic Channel dropped their first 12-inch, but Signs felt like the future—less Rhythm & Sound and more West Mineral Ltd. I had a similar feeling listening to Eden Aurelius's debut EP, Plateau, the inaugural release on Glasgow label co:clear (which, conveniently enough, features a remix from the trio). "Want 2" is filled with classic dub techno tropes, from the fading fizzle of the chords to the rhythms that come in and out of focus. But there are little details that give it a futuristic feel. Just wait for the synth pattern that sounds like a late summer breeze blowing through a windchime made of leaves—I know this sounds overly specific, but you just have to hear it for yourself. This is dub techno at its most emotional and beautiful, and a breathtaking debut from Aurelius.