Tunik - Nosferatu

  • Electro meets techno meets Belgian new beat meets B-movie horror.
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  • Creepy-crawly techno and electro is so trendy these days—my colleague Henry Ivry is a great chronicler of the sound—that it almost feels like its own genre at this point. If that's the case, then Tunik's second EP for Dekmantel, Nosferatu could be one of its keystones. (And Akufen is its originator.) Across four cuts of B-movie synth tracks, the Argentinian producer touches on electro and techno with a distinct Belgian new beat twist, the reverb and wide-open soundscaping only adding to the drama. The title track is a major highlight, featuring porny moaning samples and vocal snippets about drinking blood, balancing camp and menace. The industrial-tinged "Sorrow" also stacks up, the new beat drums powering forward like the treads of a tank. "W72" features a pumping techno hi-hat and a hint of acid, while "Slave" touches on sci-fi. The mood stays the same but the rhythms vary, which means Nosferatu should have something for any DJ looking to sprinkle a bit of Halloween into their sets—which is apparently a lot these days.
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      01. Nosferatu 02. Slave 03. W72 04. Sorrow