SUCHI - Ghungroo

  • SUCHI zeroes in on what she does best—getting and keeping the dance floor going—on yet another sparkling EP.
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  • Scroll far enough down SUCHI's SoundcCloud page—past her Rinse FM shows, the Birdy Bell EP, NTS appearances, her Swift EP on Coastal Haze and two Boiler Rooms—and you'll find a repost of Julio Bashmore's 2012 smash "Au Seve." At this point "Au Seve" feels like a warm hug from an old friend who tapped you on the shoulder in the train station, an instant hit of euphoric nostalgia, though for others it might an eye-roll-inducing blast-from-the-past that they try to hard-avoid. SUCHI clearly falls into the first camp, because she doesn't take herself too seriously. When she burst onto the scene back in 2021 with her Daytimers Boiler Room set, it was her presence behind the decks that won people over, especially in the nascent post-lockdown world. Open, warm and welcoming, just like the bouncy house and techno she was playing, she was going for it, having a blast playing music that she loves. Her subsequent EP's bolstered that rise with energetic club tunes that tugged heavy on the heartstrings. Her latest EP, GhungrooGhungroo embodies SUCHI's uncapped, zoomy energy. You can almost imagine a little SUCHI avatar trapped inside each track, physically punching out the kicks, laser-beaming the melodies and grinding out the basslines. The title track and "Blåmerke" (Norwegian for "bruise") are the clear big tunes here. "Ghungroo"'s build-up and fall away will undoubtedly elicit "whoops" from ravers, while on "Blåmerke," SUCHI pulls out in-your-face jabbering dub sirens that only intensify through three shuddering drops which wind up and unleash like a bouncy ball, hurled with force and only one aim: to wreak total havoc. The other two tracks on this EP, "Bottlepop" and Sam Goku's remix of "Blåmerke," serve a different purpose: twilight hours introspection. The delicate fluttering harps and groovy disco bassline of "Bottlepop" register sentimental, while Goku reigns in the ecstatic energy of "Blåmerke" to a rolling, bubbly groove with trance flourishes make it the perfect accompaniment to those first kisses of early morning sun. Which is to say, there's a tune for every point of the night on Ghungroo, as SUCHI zeroes in on what she does best: getting—and keeping—the dancefloor going.
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      01. Ghungroo 02. Blåmerke 03. Bottlepop 04. Blåmerke (Sam Goku Remix)