Oro Azul - Eros

  • Michael Red and Ultima Esuna turn in Mood Hut's bassiest record to date.
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  • Ultima Esuna is one of the most exciting forces in the Canadian underground. The Mexico-born, Montreal-based producer's' records are bass-forward, jagged club contortions that have landed on labels like Nervous Horizon. She's also a prolific collaborator, starting up a 514-based supergroup with SIM and Daniel Rincon, and now debuting a new collaborative project, Oro Azul, with Vancouver dubstep royalty Michael Red. Water Seeds lands on the traditional home for all things Canadian and dreamy: Mood Hut. It's a somewhat surprising label for two skilled bass scientists (and this record has more sub pressure than anything else in the label's catalogue), but Water Seeds is also filled with the type of beauty Mood Hut specialises in. Closer "Eros" is built around a stuttering dembow rhythm, but they soften the kicks by adding hand drums and shakers. Things are made even hazier as the two offer jazzy improvisations where dubby pads duet with sighing synth lines, sending the track further out into the ether.