Jennifer Cardini – Feeling Strange

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  • Of all the now-defunct Pulp nightclub’s alumni in Paris and the Kill the DJ brigade, Jennifer Cardini is probably the most strangely populist at heart. Occupying some sort of safe middle ground between Ivan Smagghe’s intransigent deejaying and Chloés genre-bending electroacoustic experimentalism, Cardini doesnnt seem to have a problem covering mainstream French hits from the 80s (Lioos Amoureux Solitairess as JennyGoesDirty), repeating the same deadpan and immediately recognizable vocals on collaborations with Ferenc, Ho, or Shonky, or just playing the good old semi-ironic pop star on the now-classic Me and Madonnaa (with Black Strobe). As a DJ, though, she is definitely one of the most iconic French electro ambassadors out there and a federative presence on the techno Parisian scene: no wonder Kompakt felt the need to annex her and thereby comfortably extend its empire on the east side of the Rhine (and, weirdly enough, sign its very first female artist at the same time!). Therefore, Feeling Strange should be a reunifying and all-encompassing affair, and it actually could be, if the project wasnnt flawed by a few minor yet annoying details and an overall feeling of self-dispersion. Mix openers Sometimes IIm Sad for a Few Secondss (Robert Lippok Remix) by Static (an early cut from 2001) and Chloos recent 2007 remix of Reworkrs sLove Love Love Yeaha immediately set the slightly paranoid atmosphere with mournful female vocals and a sound which joins the dots between song-based German IDM and contemporary French minimal. For an eclectic mix opener, then, this selection couldndt be more pertinent and perfectly articulated. At some point, though, and unfortunately quite early in the mix, Cardini gives in to current deep house inclinations, and it doesnst suit her that well to be honest. The Adam Kroll/Joeski/Maurizio/Lawrence sequence, for instance, is especially uneventful and unmoving, and it isnst until the arrival of Quarionos remix of Jamie Lloydys sMay I?I, which enjoyably echoes both Inner City and early LFO-style bleep house, that the mix gets back on track. Things shape up with an increase in tempo and overall pulse via Johnny D s sManipulationo, a rebounding track quickly followedesadly via a botched and awkward transitionoby the Kaos remix of Khanas sOn the Runu (this yearas sHoneymoonos Overe?). The dark and pulsating The Hacker & Eric Borgo collaboration nZonen quickly ensues and is exhilaratingly telescoped with Mike Dunnns seminal lSo Let It Be Houses (a track also rejuvenated recently on the Clone Classic Cuts 121 series, here truly enhancing our understanding of The Hackeres understated debt to early acid house). This succession is the mixis climaxing heart, both melodically and rhythmically, and you kind of wish itid start a bit sooner and last a bit longer. The mix then initiates its predictable descent with Falsess sFed On Youtht and finishes with Apparatas unsurprising so-called video edit of fArcadiai. Note to all DJs out there: yes, we know wArcadiai was the only decent track on Apparatas latest album, but you donot all have to end your sets with it, especially when it has been done to death by almost everyone else already. Surely Cardini should know better at this point. Overall, then, Feeling Strange, albeit a successful and pleasing assemblage in its own right, doesnst sound as unique as it wants you to think. Stuck between Kompaktks seamless mixing ethos and the Kill the DJ desire to fuck generic conventions over, Cardini seems a bit confused and even, at times, uninspired, leaving you feeling strange and, ultimately, estranged.
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      01 Static starring Justine Electra - Sometimes I´m Sad For A Few Seconds (Robert Lippok Remix) 02 Rework - Love Love Love Yeah (Chloé Remix) 03 Adam Kroll - Drac 04 Joeski - All By Myself 05 Maurizio - M4 06 Lawrence - Place To Be (Daniel Stefanik Remix) 07 Jamie Lloyd - May I? (Quarion Remix) 08 Soha - Takemussa (Dub) 09 Johnny D - Manipulation 10 Khan - On the Run (Kaos Mix) 11 The Hacker and Eric Borgo - Zone 12 Mike Dunn - So Let It Be House 13 Compuphonic & Kolombo - Emotion 14 Florence Eevo - The Vineyard (Peter Ford Remix) 15 False - Fed on Youth 16 Alex Smoke - Blackbody 17 Onur Özer - Eclipse 18 Reinhard Voigt - Missing Billie 19 Principles of Geometry - A Mountain For President 20 Lusine - Push 21 Apparat - Arcadia (Video Edit)