Jennifer Cardini & Shonky - Tuesday Paranoia

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  • Released earlier this summer on the ever-consistent Crosstown Rebels imprint, the Tuesday Paranoia EP delivers a multi-versed original alongside a dance-floor focused remix from Jamie Jones that is bound to be championed by all those keen to excite the late night crowds. Shonky and Cardini's original begins stripped back—a deep and rumbling bass-line partnered only with Cardini's spoken words and a subtle, padded rhythm create a fairly sparse soundscape. Soon, though, the tone is shifted and you're rocketed towards tranquil sweeps and spacey overtones…until you once again delve back down to the stripped-back territory you found yourself within only moments before. There is a journey to be experienced here, for sure, but it's a brief one, as the duo purposefully upsets the groove throughout. Placed well in a club set, I'm certain it could punctuate a moment in the night very effectively and manages to escape being half-baked—conceptually, that is. The Jamie Jones remix, however, is a full-bodied composition, with dance floor relativity and purposeful, succinct programming. On first listen, it's bound to grab almost any listener—it's not subtle nor was it created with intent beyond being anything more than a solid slice of music for a late night dance-floor. Harsh, metallic warbled stabs accentuate the drums, creating a brilliant, throbbing rhythm over which a small splice of the despondent vocals from the original are looped to polish off a well-balanced and haunting groove. The intensity of the metallic stabs grow throughout the track and become increasingly detached from the time-signature, hurtling the track into an warped and winding breakdown. The magic of this remix lies in the balance it strikes: It's ultimately a conventional piece of house music that has been worked and polished enough to conclusively create a full-bodied, and satisfying, end result without any ambiguity or distraction. On the flip of "Tuesday Paranoia" is the aptly titled "Coming Down to Earth." Its bleak and growling bassline, xylophonic ambience, distorted vocals and moody overtones certainly personify the experience before a bout of "Tuesday Paranoia." Its initial impact may seem underwhelming amongst a sea of releases brandishing these same overtones, however, its slow-burning qualities grow on you very quickly. It’s a nice addition, rounding off a satisfying package.
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      A1 Tuesday Paranoia A2 Come Down to Earth B1 Tuesday Paranoia (Jamie Jones' Submerged House Mix) B2 Tuesday Paranoia (A Capella)