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    • Aletha, Alicia (UK), Angel D'lite, babyschön, Bas Ibellini, Caldera, Cami Layé Okún, Cosmo Sofi, DJ ojo, DJ Posture, Damiano von Erckert, dare balogun, Donna Leake, Eliphino, Fastlove, fka boursin, Harri Pepper, High Hoops, Humble B Flat, i-sha, Jay Carder, Jive Talk, Joe Sansom, k means, Katiusha, Kia (AU), Kiara Scuro, Kudo Sol, Kyle Toole, Lora Mipsum, Lukas Wigflex, Luke Una, Maeve Moayedi, Marcia Carr, marjai, Maybe Laura, Minus Kendal, Mor Elian, Nick & Nath, Once Twice, Poly-Ritmo, Remi Mazet, Beluga, RONISA, Ruf Dug, Stem, Softi, Sophie McAlister, Space Cadets, Adam Pits, Lisene, Thea HD, Tia Cousins, Tomoya, Vlada, Wax'o Paradiso
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  • With no bounds, Sophie has been liberally firing jams at dance floors all over Melbourne for the past couple of years – working closely with Crown Ruler and Rhythm Section families, but always being a musical friend to all.
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